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At PokerHead our top priorities are to help you maximize your profit and grow your business base. PokerHead offers the most comprehensive offshore gaming services in the world. We customize and build players profiles and reports based on your needs. We cover all aspects of a profile including Juice, Min and Max Wagers, Max Team Parlays/ Teasers, Etc. We leave no stone unturned.

With 25 years of combined experience in Sports Book, Bookmaking and Offshore Gaming, our price per head line managers are thoroughly familiar with all the nuances of betting action, and move the lines accordingly. They are also very adept at identifying and monitoring sharp players (wise guys), and will bring their wagering activity to your attention. Our professionalism in this area will limit your financial exposure. We pride ourselves on the elite level of price per head service our Customer Service Team provides. We house one of the most sophisticated Wagering call centers with representatives fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese. With over 100 phone lines we provide a level of flexibility unparalleled in the industry. Our courteous professional staff strives to provide the highest level of customer service in the business. From a simple inquiry to the placement of a wager your players will be able to get through to a qualified representative.

PokerHead Internet service is second to none. We have one of the highest bandwidths Offshore. What this means is that your wagering players will be able to make their bets online during high traffic times without interruption.

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